Short Course 4

Short Course 4

Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) Methods for Deep Foundations 


Dr. Hazem Sarhan*

Dr. Anna Sellountou**

Dynamic pile testing (high strain dynamic testing) and interpretation techniques

  • Capacity estimation
  • Hammer system performance
  • Pile driving stresses
  • Structural integrity
  • CAPWAP method
  • References in codes
  • Dynamic and static load tests correlations
  • Special considerations for pile capacity estimation
  • Case Histories

Low strain pile integrity testing

  • Test description
  • Advantages and limitations 
  • Sample results – good vs. defective piles
  • Case histories and correlation of PIT vs PIR

Cross-hole sonic logging testing

  • Testing technique
  • Typical results for uniform and defective piles
  • Defect resolution – SSL vs. CSL
  • Case histories

Thermal integrity profiling 

  • Thermal Integrity Profiling (TIP) Background
  • TIP testing configurations
  • TIP testing advantages
  • Case histories

Shaft quantitative inspection device [SQUID]

  • Quantitative assessment of bored pile’s base
  • Applications goal and use
  • Data collection, typical results and interpretation
  • Case histories 

(*) Dr. Hazem Sarhan, is a Projects Director with 20 years’ experience in projects in maritime, oil and gas, power generation, petrochemicals, industrial and liquefied natural gas plants. Dr. Sarhan graduated with Honors from Cairo University, earned his MSc. in Civil Engineering and commenced his career in the same University. He earned his Ph.D. in Geotechnical Engineering from the University of Houston, Texas. He worked in Bechtel Oil and Gas hub in Houston has exposed him to multitude of engineering and construction challenging assignments in North America, West Africa, Egypt and Trinidad & Tobago. Dr. Sarhan joined Artelia in 2007, where his experience has expanded in the maritime, ports, and oil and gas industries in the GCC countries managing projects in UAE, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait. Dr. Sarhan combines strong technical aptitude with a seasoned experience in design, construction and management of large, multidisciplinary and complex projects. He has a proven record of coordinating and motivating the efforts of diverse engineering teams to deliver solutions for challenging assignments.

(**) Dr. Anna Sellountou,  received her five-year Civil Engineering Degree from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece in 1999, and her PhD from University of Houston in 2004, under the supervision of Professor M.W. O'Neill, one of the worlds' leading experts in Deep Foundations. She began her career at Fugro in Houston, Texas, where she worked on diverse domestic and international projects (with an emphasis on deep foundations testing) including numerous LNGs and Bridges. In 2012, she joined Pile Dynamics Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio, where she got involved with R&D and product development for deep foundation testing. Since November of 2016, Anna has supported PDI’s technical and business related activities in Europe, Middle East and Africa from her base office in Greece. Anna serves in various committees in DFI, ACI, PDCA, ASTM, where she is highly involved with specifications and codes revision activities.